With Proper Management You Can Turn Your Princely Golfing Estate Into A Park Fit For Kings


Is it not true that golf is referred to as the sport of kings? For the small nine hole amateur club, this may, from time to time, conjure up some negative impressions. Overseeing the small club, the board of directors certainly has its hands full. It is no walk in the park managing a golf club. Managing a golf club is nothing nearly as manageable as running a small ball park, doesn’t matter which popular sport is being played.

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There are just so many tasks that need to be managed. A shortfall of funds tends to be one of the biggest challenges facing amateur golfing clubs. Without these, the estate cannot be optimal and fully functional. Greens are not green. They are bone dry and somewhat brown. It costs an absolute fortune to factor in an endless supply of water in order to keep the surroundings of each hole in pristine condition.

Maintaining the grounds needs more than just one pair of hands. The curator needs a team of steadfast laborers to assist him. There is that; labor costs. Municipal fees are very high when you consider the large plot of ground under administration. And then there is that as well. Paying off a mortgage so that one day in the future, full ownership of the club can be achieved. Membership fees also need to be collected on time every month and every year.

All books must balance. So much to do and yet so little time available. Famous words indeed. But well known and accredited golf management companies are always available to help out. Yes, there will be a small price to pay, but in the long run, given what they could achieve, this will be quite miniscule.