How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

Wondering how to clean your golf clubs? Once you are a member of a great Aiken golf club, this will be a task that you’ll want to do often. Clean golf clubs help your swing, the power behind the swing, and the impression you’ll make on fellow golfers. Luckily, cleaning the golf clubs is fairly simple and won’t take much time.

Gather the Supplies

To clean your golfing clubs yourself, there are a few items that you will need. To start cleaning the clubs, first you’ll need to gather all the cleaning materials. Only a few supplies are needed, including:

·    A bucket

·    Dishwashing detergent

Aiken golf club

·    Towel to dry the clubs

·    Old toothbrush

Put a few drops of dish liquid in the bucket with warm water. Place the clubs inside of the bucket, with the head submerged in to the water. Allow the clubs to soak for only three or four minutes each. This time is all that it takes to loosen dirt and grime from the clubs.

The Next Steps in Club Cleaning

Remove the clubs from the water. Take each of the clubs and use the toothbrush to clean the grooves on the clubface. This removes all of the dirt, debris, and buildup from the grooves of the club.  If the dirt doesn’t come off of the club immediately, they may need to soak in the water for just a couple more minutes.

Cleaning was pretty simple, don’t you agree? Your clubs should now be beautiful and shiny. Now you can use a garden hose to rinse off the clubs. Make sure that all of the dirt is gone. If it is all gone, it is time to use the towel to dry off the clubs and prepare them for use or for proper storage.